2020 here we come …

Lynnwood Ridge Primary School has a proud history and now in its 4th decade, it continues to have a well-established reputation for providing excellent education to primary school children from Grade R – Grade 7. LRPS has about 1200 children and about 90 staff members.Each grade is a ‘mini-school’ managed by an experienced Grade Leader who oversees the teachers and children in an organised and caring manner.

Departmental Heads mentor and lead teachers to ensure that high academic standards are set, but also that children that need the extra support will receive it.

The School Management team is dedicated and committed to ensuring a well-run school that is always focused on building on the past to aim even higher in all that we strive to do presently and in the future.

The School Governing Body plays a vital role in ensuring the best interests of the school.

They have subcommittees that parents can volunteer to serve including:

  • Fundraising
  • After School Centre
  • Safety and Security
  • Legal Risk, Compliance and Discipline
  • Policy
  • Strategic Planning


The school runs a full extramural programme including various sporting codes and cultural activities.

The After School Center is a SGB run initiative to assist working parents to care for their children after school hours, but space is limited and it must be paid for as no funding is received from the Department of Education to support this programme.

The role of parents in a child’s life cannot be underestimated as they remain the primary care-givers. Parents are encouraged to take a keen interest in their child’s development at school.

When teachers and parents work together constructively for the child’s interest, it is a winning recipe!

May your child be a happy learner that achieves their full potential at LRPS!