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Telephone: 012 3481365

General enquiries: 

Admission enquiries: or

Financial enquiries:

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Lynnwood Ridge Primary School
Standard Bank
The Grove
012 445
012 210 641

Please use your family code as reference.

Email proof of payment to

Fee Structure

Grade 1 – 7:  R21 850 per annum

Grade R:  R26 250

Afterschool Centre:  R780 per month

Extramurals Activities:  R50 per activity, per term


GDE Guidelines for Online Applications

Download the document for important information: Guidelines

GDE Admission Procedure for Grade 1 in 2021

Download the document for important information: Information Form

Admission Procedure for Grade 1 in 2021

Download the document for important information: Information Form

Admission Procedure for Grade R in 2022

Download the document for important information: Information Form

Admission Procedure for Grade 2 – 7 in 2022

Download the document for important information: Information Form

Uniform Requirements

We request your full support in ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform to school and when wearing the uniform on the bus, at shopping malls, etc.
Please adhere strictly to the uniform requirements.

All items marked with an * are only available at our school shop. Other items can be purchased at retailers.

Summer Uniform


  • Grey shorts
  • White short sleeved shirt (open neck)
  • Grey long socks
  • Black lace-up shoes
  • *Pullover/drimac/polar fleece

  • Grey skirt (4 fingers above knee)
  • White short sleeved shirt (open neck)
  • White ankle socks (folded over once)
  • Black shoes
  • * Pullover/drimac/polar fleece

Winter Uniform


  • Long grey pants
  • White long-sleeved shirt
  • Navy gloves (optional)
  • Long grey socks
  • Black lace-up shoes (polished)
  • * Pullover/drimac/polar fleece
  • Scarf/beanie (LRPS only) (optional)

  • Long grey pants OR grey skirt
  • White long sleeved shirt
  • Navy gloves (optional)
  • Black shoes (polished)
  • Long grey socks OR grey or navy blue knitted tights
  • * Pullover/drimac/polar fleece
  • Scarf/beanie (LRPS only) (optional)


  • Girls’ skirts to be no shorter than 4 fingers above the knee. These may not be sewn to fit tightly.
  • Navy tracksuit pants, only for PE or Sport. 
  • Girls are to fold their socks down once only.
  • In the case where a child needs to wear incorrect uniform, a letter must be written to the Principal giving the reason why this is so and the date when this will be rectified.
  • Jewellery: Girls may wear one pair of small silver or gold stud earrings. Please do not have ears pierced with incorrect earrings as these will have to be removed.
  • Hair Accessories: Only navy blue or white hair accessories.
  • Please contact Mrs. R. Mphela, the uniform coordinator or Mr. T. Chiloane, Chairperson of the School Governing Body, via the school office, should you have a query about the school uniform.

Physical Education Uniform

Boys and Girls:    

  • Navy blue LRPS/boxer shorts or navy tracksuit pants in cold weather (girls are not allowed to wear netball skirts)
  • House T-shirt (no long sleeved shirts or vests may be worn under PE shirt)
  • White tekkies with white laces, white socks
  • Class swimming: Jammers or baggies (boys) or full costume (girls)
  • Swimming cap (sport house colour)

Sport Uniform (School Shop)

Boys and Girls:    

  • LRPS navy shorts
  • Navy track suit pants
  • House T-shirt
  • LRPS soccer kit
  • LRPS navy shorts (netball / tennis)
  • LRPS golf shirt
  • LRPS navy vest (athletics)
  • LRPS navy jammers (boys) or full costume (girls)
  • Swimming cap (LRPS / sport house colour)
  • Plain white slops (thongs) for swimming galas

Extramural Activities


  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Stacking
  • Sepedi Classes
  • Steelband
  • Computer Club
  • Art Club
  • Choir
  • Chess

PRIVATE ACTIVITIES (At an extra cost)

  • Ballet
  • Drama
  • Miki Maths
  • Karate
  • French
  • Culinary Kids
  • Chums with Sums

After School Centre (ASC)

After School Centre (012) 361 4131 and 084 08202 674

The After School Centre is a SGB run initiative to assist working parents to care for their children after school hours, but space is limited and it must be paid for as no funding is received from the Department of Education to support this programme.

  • The Supervisor is Mrs Maybe Nyanganyura.
  • Contact the School Finance Office for application forms.
  • After School Centre fees for 2020 are R735.00 per month.
  • After School Centre includes supervised homework session and a snack.

Important to inform Mrs Nyangnayura – 084 8202 674 if your child is absent or leaves school early and will not be at the ASC on a particular day.

My School Card /Makro Card

Please use your My School and Makro support cards to raise funds for our school without costing you any extra money. Application forms are available from our school office.

School Communicator

Click here to download the Communicator app on your smartphone or PC. You will never be out of touch again.

School Policy regarding Cellular phones and smart devices

There are rules regarding cell phones at school. Cell phones/ smart devices have been the root cause of many problems at school, theft being one of them.

The school and staff will not take responsibility for cell phones/smart devices brought to school.


Smart phones/smart devices are not allowed on the premises at all. If a child brings a smartphone to school, it will be confiscated regardless of whether it was turned on or off. The cell phone will only be returned at the end of the term.

Basic feature phones that do not have camera or multimedia features, such as the Nokia torch phone, are allowed at school but may not be turned on between 07:30 and 13:45 on any school day.

If the phone is turned on during the school day, it will be confiscated and will only be returned at the end of the term.

The school and staff will not take responsibility for cell phones lost or stolen at school.

Should a child need to use the telephone urgently:

  • There is a secretary on duty in the front office until 14:00.
  • There is a telephone at the After School Centre that is available until 17:30 ( 012 361 4131)

Forgotten Items

Please pack and double check school bags to prevent items from being forgotten at home.

The children cannot be called down to the office to collect forgotten items during class time.

Children need to develop a sense of responsibility and parents delivering forgotten items undermine this learning process.

The school and staff will not be held responsible for any items of value that are lost or stolen on the schools premises.

Collecting of learners during school hours

Parents collecting children during school hours are requested to inform the Principal and the class teacher the previous day in writing.

Should an emergency occur and parents need to collect a child, a letter will be requested by the secretaries. Proof of identity may be requested.

Parents collecting children must wait in the foyer. The secretaries will call the child / children.

Please inform the Principal in advance if another person other than the parent is collecting the child.

No child may leave the premises during school hours without informing the Principal.

Absenteeism from School

Parents should please phone the school in the morning to inform the teacher should the learner be absent from school for the day.

Please inform:

  • the class teacher about serious illness, death in the family, or anything of concern.
  • the sports coordinator if your child is scheduled for galas, matches or sports meetings.
  • the After School Centre, if applicable.

It is the responsibility of the child to catch up missed work.

 Late arrival at School

Our official school times are 07:30 – 13:45.

We urge parents to have their children at school by 07:15 in the morning to allow children time to move to class timeously and start the day on a positive note.
The first bell rings at 07:25.
Children who frequently arrive late become self-conscious, nervous and insecure. They also disrupt the rest of the class and the teaching programme.

Please take the necessary steps to avoid arriving late in the morning. For example, pack sports bags and suitcases at night, set an alarm clock and anticipate a traffic jam on the way to school – leave home in good time.


All gates are locked at 7:30 and then entrance is only via Gate 1 to the office where late-comers names will be recorded.


All money sent to school must be in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and class clearly indicated, as well as what the money is for. The correct amount must be in the envelope as the school is unable to give change.



The Gauteng Department of Education has clearly instructed schools NOT to administer any medication to learners.

School Safety

The School Safety policy ensures the well-being of the children whilst at school. The policy is changed and adjusted regularly according to the needs of the school and the community.

School ends officially at 13:45 and the teachers are on duty until 14:15.

  • Every effort should be made by parents to ensure that their child is not left at school unsupervised in the afternoons.
  • You as parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of your children in the afternoons and for arranging transport.

The School Management supported by the School Governing Body has decided to implement the following procedures regarding the late collection of learners from school:

  • If a parent is continually late and children are left at school unsupervised, the school reserves the right to report the neglect of these children to the relevant authorities.
  • The school also reserves the right to transport children who are left after the stipulated time following evening functions and sports functions, to the Garsfontein Police Station.
  • If your child is not involved in sport and you are unable to collect him/her straight after school, please enroll him/her at the After School Centre.
  • The pick-up is an area, at the end of the soccer field facing Lancia Street. It is designed for learners to wait no longer than 15 minutes. It is not a free Aftercare. There is NO supervision. It is locked at 17:30.
  • We appeal to you to safeguard your most precious possession — YOUR CHILD.


Ronnie Recycle (Wednesdays)

Please encourage your child to collect paper and cardboard in order to make him/her environmentally aware and active for the future.

  • It also brings in funds used to purchase educational resources and equipment.
  • The gate at the tennis court is open for dropping off LARGE loads of paper from 06:30 until 07:30.
  • Always drive slowly and be aware of the children’s whereabouts and please do not use this area to drop off children.
  • If your child has only one packet of paper that can easily be carried to Ronnie, rather let him/her walk into school from where he/she is usually dropped off.

No child or parent may enter the gate at the tennis court on foot; only cars may use this gate.