Uniform Requirements

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Uniform Requirements

We request your full support in ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform to school and when wearing the uniform on the bus, at shopping malls, etc.
Please adhere strictly to the uniform requirements.

All items marked with an * are only available at our school shop. Other items can be purchased at retailers.

Summer Uniform

  • Grey shorts
  • White short sleeved shirt (open neck)
  • Grey long socks
  • Black lace-up shoes/black sandals
  • *Pullover/drimac/polar fleece
  • Grey skirt (4 fingers above knee)
  • White short sleeved shirt (open neck)
  • White ankle socks (folded over once)
  • Black shoes
  • * Pullover/drimac/polar fleece

Winter Uniform

  • Long grey pants
  • White long-sleeved shirt
  • Navy gloves
  • Long grey socks
  • Black lace-up shoes (polished)
  • * Pullover/drimac/polar fleece
  • Scarf/beanie (LRPS only)
  • Long grey pants OR grey skirt
  • White long sleeved shirt
  • Navy gloves
  • Black shoes (polished)
  • Long grey socks OR grey or navy blue knitted tights
  • * Pullover/drimac/polar fleece
  • Scarf/beanie (LRPS only)


  • Girls’ skirts to be no shorter than 4 fingers above the knee. These may not be sewn to fit tightly.
  • Navy tracksuit pants, only for PE or Sport. NOT FOR SCHOOL.
  • Girls are to fold their socks down once only.
  • In the case where a child needs to wear incorrect uniform, a letter must be written to the Principal giving the reason why this is so and the date when this will be rectified.
  • Jewellery: Girls may wear one pair of small silver or gold stud earrings. Please do not have ears pierced with incorrect earrings as these will have to be removed.
  • Hair Accessories: Only navy blue or white hair accessories.
  • Please contact Mrs. R. Mphela, the uniform coordinator or Mr. T. Chiloane, Chairperson of the School Governing Body, via the school office, should you have a query about the school uniform.

Physical Education Uniform

Boys and Girls:
  • Navy blue LRPS/boxer shorts or navy tracksuit pants in cold weather (girls are not allowed to wear netball skirts)
  • House T-shirt (no long sleeved shirts or vests may be worn under PE shirt)
  • White tekkies with white laces, white socks
  • Class swimming: Jammers or baggies (boys) or full costume (girls)
  • Swimming cap (sport house colour)

Sport Uniform (School Shop)

Boys and Girls:
  • LRPS navy shorts
  • Navy track suit pants
  • House T-shirt
  • LRPS soccer kit
  • LRPS navy shorts (netball / tennis)
  • LRPS golf shirt
  • LRPS navy vest (athletics)
  • LRPS navy jammers (boys) or full costume (girls)
  • Swimming cap (LRPS / sport house colour)
  • Plain white slops (thongs) for swimming galas