School Safety

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The School Safety policy ensures the well-being of the children whilst at school. The policy is changed and adjusted regularly according to the needs of the school and the community.

School ends officially at 13:45 and the teachers are on duty until 14:15.

  • Every effort should be made by parents to ensure that their child is not left at school unsupervised in the afternoons.
  • You as parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of your children in the afternoons and for arranging transport.

The School Management supported by the School Governing Body has decided to implement the following procedures regarding the late collection of learners from school:

  • If a parent is continually late and children are left at school unsupervised, the school reserves the right to report the neglect of these children to the relevant authorities.
  • The school also reserves the right to transport children who are left after the stipulated time following evening functions and sports functions, to the Garsfontein Police Station.
  • If your child is not involved in sport and you are unable to collect him/her straight after school, please enroll him/her at the After School Centre.
  • The Pick Up Point is not a free after school service. It is a place to wait briefly and there is NOSUPERVISION. It is locked at 17:30.
  • We appeal to you to safeguard your most precious possession — YOUR CHILD.