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A Top School in Pretoria

The Pledge taken by our Learners
I promise to…
Respect the rights of my fellow learners
To learn, work and play in a safe environment.
Respect and Support
Those who lead


Our Birth
In 1975, Brooklyn Primary School was bursting at the seams with 1077 pupils in a school built for 400.
A new school was needed in the Eastern Suburbs and that is

A Top School in Pretoria


  • Gala

    In the 2nd week of term one, our school hosted the first inter-house school gala for 2020. The Eagles came out tops. Full results to follow.
  • Extra Murals

    Extra murals begin from the 2nd week of the term. A full list of extra murals is given to the pupils so that they can select what interests them. They are encouraged to be committed and to show sportsmanship and respect at all times. By participating they learn new skills and develop interests.
  • Initiative

    Ronnie Recycling
    We have a formal paper recycling initiative which educates the children about the necessity to recycle paper as part of the global movement towards protecting the environment. Children are encouraged to bring paper on a weekly basis.

Our Community

Number of Students
Number of Staff

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